(902) 579-7787 sup@supmonkey.ca 300 Prince Albert Rd, Dartmouth NS

Effectively our 2019 Season is Over............. Equipment is still in place until mid-October so email sup@supmonkey.ca if you want a personal rental

It's the Maritimes!

Both SUP and biking are weather dependent and we strive to reach a balance between your
safety and enjoyment.

For paddleboards, we will rent as long as no threat of lightning and as
long as wind speed and direction doesn’t pose a safety issue.

If you book a group outing, we will proceed even in rain, unless a torrential downpour.

For biking, any major winds, lightning or heavy rain would not permit us to rent the bicycles.

Please call or email sup@supmonkey.ca if you plan to rent and the weather is questionable.