(902) 579-7787 sup@supmonkey.ca 300 Prince Albert Rd, Dartmouth NS

Effectively our 2019 Season is Over............. Equipment is still in place until mid-October so email sup@supmonkey.ca if you want a personal rental

Join Hustle Fitness on the Water

Sweat it out and then jump in!


Leanne McDow, of Hustle Fitness, has a goal as a personal trainer is to inspire people,
and she leads by example to create a positive, healthy lifestyle.
Through this journey,  her expectation is to change lives and develop strength in a community
of optimistic individuals who work together to build lasting relationships as she encourages,
motivates and helps build confidence within our Hustle Family.

SUP Fitness is a way to keep things fun, doing sit-ups, push-ups, squats and more on a sturdy SUP board.
Get out and try a new sport this summer. What a fun way to earn those arm, legs and abs for the summer.

$250 for 6 sessions+ 1 free paddle.

$45 for drop in.

Class size is limited to six students currently.