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Algae Issues: SUPMonkey's Position

When: 30/09/2019 12:00 am

Addressing the Algae Issue:

First off let me state the obvious:

-Suping is a fun activity, but safety is our #1 priority.

-SUPMonkey are not scientists, nor experts in this field.

-We have learned a lot about this issue in last 12 months.

-Closing for 5 weeks last year almost crippled us.

Now, the not so obvious:

-Given the recent climate conditions, coupled with low water temperatures and an abundance of vegetation in the lakes, it was only a matter of time.

-We have not allowed dogs on boards for over 2 weeks due to the slight possibility they could get sick, and that would be a horrible tragedy.

-The lakes aren’t closed, nor were they last year, it was a swim & consumption advisory only.

-Paddling clubs still operated, and lake staff were in water preparing for regattas.

-The majority of our clients are beginners, yet over 90% don’t even fall in the water.

-We will caution against taking kids out that want to jump in and out of water.

-We have set up a hose and an outdoor shower in case anyone does get wet.

-We will provide all the information we have learned to our clients before they decide to go on water.

-If advisory gets extended to Lake Banook, and/or extends into next week, we will source out another location and take our trailer there for a pop up sup shop.

-Full Moon, Sunsets, SupYoga, SUPMeditation are still proceeding at this time.

-Anyone that books and changes their mind will be given a full refund.

-We ask that you continue to help support us if you feel comfortable on the water. We will still be out paddling as well. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us directly. If you don’t agree with out position, we respect that and understand you won’t be visiting.

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