Prince Albert Rd, Dartmouth NS

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SUPMonkey is moving in June to Wolfville. More details to follow.

About the Monkeys

Having grown up with water riches surrounding him in this beautiful province,
Stephen has spent time in boats, canoes, kayaks, dragon boats, war canoes,
rowing sculls, kite surfing, surfing (failed), tall ships and even underwater with scuba diving.

However, when he first tried SUP 6 years ago, he gave them all up (except diving).

Living across the street from Lake Banook, a simple stroll down to water’s edge with paddle and board was heaven.
But he soon realized the only place to rent SUP boards was on the ocean and usually outside of the urban area.

Realizing he had a world class flatwater course across the street and believing Paddler’s Cove
would regain its former glory, he jumped onboard in 2016 and opened SUPMonkey.

His goal was to partner with other SUP outfitters and the local Darkside community
to provide a safe entry point to the sport, emphasizing safety, skills and exercise.

Safety is our #1 goal, fun a very close second.