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Effectively our 2019 Season is Over............. Equipment is still in place until mid-October so email sup@supmonkey.ca if you want a personal rental

Retail Products

RedPaddleCo iSUPS are #1 in the world


We are an authorized distributor for RedPaddleCo boards and accessories,
carrying a limited number of boards in stock. However, we can order and
have shipped to our location within 7 days (depending on availability).

We encourage clients to come rent our boards, try some different models and discover
why RedPaddleCo boards are the number #1 iSUP in the world.

Various factors contribute to this ranking, primarily because our boards can inflate to 25 psi
versus the market average of 15-18 psi.

The Titan dual chamber pump allows you to quickly and effortlessly inflate your SUP.
This provides a more rigid and higher performing board than any other competitors.

We sell our boards as a package whereby you get board, adjustable paddle,leash, pump travel bag,
repair kit and waterproof cell phone case for one price, usually starting at $1500 plus tax.

We do not sell our used boards at this time.
Feel free to contact us about further pricing and iSUP knowledge.

Our goal is to get you out enjoying SUP regardless of which board you use;
it’s not about our sales.